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Karinna is in pursuit of polymath status.

She was a visual merchandiser by trade, moving into academia by accident when she realised how addictive researching and teaching about fashion could be. During her 15 year academic career she has lectured in more than 25 institutions, spoken at 87 conferences, across 19 countries, to audiences as intimate as 3 to as intimidating as 3000.

Karinna is a published researcher and author, and her knowledge expertise ranges from retail and branding, to communication and consumer behaviour as applied to the fashion sector.

Fashion is an industry which completely fascinates her,  as its dynamic, unpredictable and global nature mean it is an intriguing challenge, both to understand and research.  Similarly, technology, the digitalisation of our economy and our lifestyles, and its relationship to fashion is another subject of passionate investigation.

Karinna has migrated her knowledge and skills from academia into a portfolio project career approach and is currently freelancing with creative agencies, fashion brands and start ups as well as lecturing at fashion colleges and business schools.  

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